Fuel monitoring can be as easy as one, two, three.

1. Install Tankscout

1. Install Tankscout

Our wireless Tankscout device is quickly and securely fitted to your fuel tank by our qualified installation engineers. At a time to suit you.

2. View readings

2. View readings

Tankscout measures the contents of your fuel tank and transmits the fuel level to Tankscout.co.uk. Your local depot will also have visibility of your fuel levels.

3. Schedule delivery

3. Schedule delivery

Delivery can be automatically scheduled in line with your preferred trigger level to ensure you receive top ups when you need them most.

Home fuel monitoring

The smarter way to heat your home

The Tankscout fuel monitoring system has been developed to make heating your home as simple as possible.

Tankscout ensures you no longer need to dip your fuel tank or physically check your sight gauge as Tankscout.co.uk gives you remote access to your tanks fuel levels wherever you are.

Quick and easy to install, Tankscout can also be fitted to your existing tanks by our trained engineers, which requires no cabling, wiring or additional equipment

Tankscout also provides historical usage data in a simple graphical format enabling you to track and monitor your fuel usage overtime.

This will help you gain a better understanding of the impact changes in outside temperature or turning your thermostat up or down just 1°C can have on your household usage.

Once you decide on the trigger level that suits you the system will generate handy alerts to let you know when you need to top up your tank.

Alternatively should you be pushed for time we can schedule deliveries on your behalf in accordance with your preferred trigger level.


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Benefits at home

Tankscout benefits in the home

  • Intuitive and informative Tankscout customer portal.

  • Automatic top ups.

  • No need to manually monitor tanks.
  • Centralised monitoring, ideal if you have more than one tank you need to monitor.

  • Immediate remote access to your tanks levels from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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